About Us

We are devoted on the challenge and thrill of listening to a new song every day. Upon listening to the song, we post a review to inform our readers (and fellow listeners) on what we think about the song.

  1. About Our Subscribers
  2. How We Select The Song
  3. Guidelines For Review
  4. What It Means To Be The Song Of The Week


Our subscribers are from all over the world. On a daily basis, our dear subscribers from more than 30 countries stream songs through Spotify and Amazon Music or buy them through Amazon Music. We are all in the journey of discovering and rediscovering new songs daily. What are you waiting for? Join us!

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How We Select The Song

  • Our team researches on the hot picks of today’s (and even the past’s) music listeners on various music streaming or selling platforms and a selection process is done to determine which song we will listen to and review for the day
  • Our team accepts suggestions through our suggestion form.
  • Our team conducts surveys through our twitter account.

Guidelines For Review

  • The production of the song
  • The depth of the lyrics
  • The song’s message
  • Refinement
  • The melody of the song
  • The probability of listening to the song again
  • Overall Impact

What It Means To be Song Of The Week

Our Song of the Week is chosen by its impact (number of page views, social media impressions and streams/sales through our website). It is but right that we do the following:

  • Week-long promotion:
    • All the blogs, whatever song they suggest, will contain an Amazon advertisement of the current Song of the Week to be seen on the top sidebar of all the pages.
  • Week-long Feature in the Song of the Week page
  • Week-long Feature in the Daily Songs despite new ones
  • Twitter Banner